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Earth Day Weekend

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This past weekend I attended the Earth Day Event in Dallas. It is the largest Earth Day celebration in the nation. I covers over 1 million square feet. Inside and outside venues. It was insane. I loved it. Growing up we went to many Earth Day celebrations, but nothing like this. It was absolutely¬†massive. This year it became the largest Earth Day initiative in the entire world. If you missed out, sadly you will have to wait another year. It is hard to explain the crowd that was there… think…read more

Tiny House Idea

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Most of my day dreaming time has been taken up by my new project… Building a Tiny House! The whole thought came about during one of my camping trips after I¬†got the paperwork to renew my lease. I am so tired of throwing money away in rent. It just drives me up a wall. This all coincided with my new outlook on life. A few months back someone asked me what I would do if the end of the world was near (answer couldn’t be about faith or family). My…read more

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