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My Hiking Boots

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Finding the right hiking boots has been a bit of a drama. Last year, I developed an issue with my foot that was diagnosed as a Morton’s neuroma in my right foot. It was very painful and I limped with every shoe I put on. After consulting with a doctor I switched out almost all my shoes. Bye-bye Birkenstocks. Bye-bye Merrell Moab Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot. I had to start over from scratch. And because of this I had a $130 pair of boots I couldn’t wear anymore. Thank God…read more

The Best Hiking Socks

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My Uncle Mark owns a shop called Mark’s Outfitters in Hugesville, Pa. And over the years I have gotten some pretty amazing things. Any time I needed anything outdoorsy over the year I have picked it up here. My love of Birkenstocks, Red Wing, and Charhartt run in the blood apparently. And my Uncle Mark was the one that introduced me to SmartWool socks. I have been on the wool sock band wagon for years now because of them. I have had some pairs last through years and years of hard use. Sadly,…read more

Backpacking for Plus Size

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I have noticed it is really hard to find things that are suitable for plus sized women. Instead of waiting until I am some normal size, I decided to just start living the life I wanted now. In order to do that I needed to do a lot of research. My end goal is to hike the Appalachian Trail. I grew up with this famous trail in my backyard. I don’t think I can spare the time to do it all at once, but I think I can do 2 weeks…read more

Eureka Tent Review

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A few months back I bought a tent at REI. I set it up in my living room the second I got it and then packed it away in my closet for the last 5 months. The tent is called the Eureka Tetragon 2 Tent. I got it on super clearance from REI for $69. It is no longer available on their website, but I did find it on Amazon for $89. For my current purposes it is great. I have camped with it for 3 out of the last 4 weekends here…read more

What Shoes to Buy

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For the last 8 years I have been wearing Columbia Hiking Shoes, which retails for roughly $90. Its a good shoe the only problem I found with it was that the collar on the back that rests along my heel was easily crushed. This happened from normal use which results in blisters. It was such a nuisance. I went hiking a few weeks ago and had to hike the last mile in my socks. Thank goodness it was muddy so that my feet had cushion. I decided that I wouldn’t…read more

Day Hike and Cookout

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After these last two weeks of weekend adventuring a few friends said they wanted to join me for an excursion. I thought it best to do a park close by and so I picked Rockledge Park at Grapevine Lake. It was great cooking and being around all my friends. There isn’t much to say because I like keeping special moments like this in my heart. It was a magical day. This was also the first time I wore my new Merrel Moab Hiking Boots. They worked a treat. I will…read more


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This morning my friends Sahara and Youssef are set to join me. I am super excited. They are bringing breakfast! For the last 5-6 months I have been vegetarian*. The reason I put an asterix next to the words is because I don’t buy meat, but if someone offers I will eat it. This is a long story and one I will save for another post… but just know that I had steak for the first time in months and it was GLORIOUS.  They brought steak, eggs, and potatoes. And…read more

What It Means To Camp Alone

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Woke up before dawn and didn’t see any change in the weather. This is a bummer because the lake is beautiful, but I didn’t want to get my gear wet. Like a ground hog I poked my head out and went back inside to sleep for a little longer. Woke up for good at around 8:45 am and headed to the front office to pay for my site. Left the guard house and did some time lapse of the lake and I even waded through the water. I got super…read more

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