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Perseid Meteor Shower… With Kids!

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Last night I decided to brave the outdoors… but this time with KIDS! DUN DUN DAAAAAAA! Last year I went to Cooper Lake State Park with a few friends to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower. And it was a highlight of my year and really kickstarted my need to be more adventurous in my life. This time I thought I would share that passion with a few kids I taught last year in my woodworking class. It honestly started with me telling one of my friends and snowballed from there….read more

Fun News

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As some of you know I am on YouTube. I actually have two YouTube Channels. One I’ve had for 6 years and the other is 2 years old. My older channel was made while I was still married and its branding reflected it. My channel was called ILoveElhassan. And due to YouTube’s Url policy I couldn’t change it. Which was a huge bummer for a freshly divorced chica, because lets face it I no longer loved Elhassan. Thus the reason for starting a brand new channel. Flash forward two years…read more

Earth Day Weekend

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This past weekend I attended the Earth Day Event in Dallas. It is the largest Earth Day celebration in the nation. I covers over 1 million square feet. Inside and outside venues. It was insane. I loved it. Growing up we went to many Earth Day celebrations, but nothing like this. It was absolutely massive. This year it became the largest Earth Day initiative in the entire world. If you missed out, sadly you will have to wait another year. It is hard to explain the crowd that was there… think…read more

New Sidekick

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Two years ago my Uncle Rob passed away suddenly. He was only in his sixties and he had recently got his life right where he wanted it. An exciting business and a new wife. His death left a grieving widow and so many loose ends. It was a crazy time. Flash forward 2 years later and his wife dies with even more loose ends and a stunned family. She never got over the death of my uncle and it makes me very sad. Some of the loose ends are their…read more

Tiny House Idea

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Most of my day dreaming time has been taken up by my new project… Building a Tiny House! The whole thought came about during one of my camping trips after I got the paperwork to renew my lease. I am so tired of throwing money away in rent. It just drives me up a wall. This all coincided with my new outlook on life. A few months back someone asked me what I would do if the end of the world was near (answer couldn’t be about faith or family). My…read more

Backpacking for Plus Size

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I have noticed it is really hard to find things that are suitable for plus sized women. Instead of waiting until I am some normal size, I decided to just start living the life I wanted now. In order to do that I needed to do a lot of research. My end goal is to hike the Appalachian Trail. I grew up with this famous trail in my backyard. I don’t think I can spare the time to do it all at once, but I think I can do 2 weeks…read more

Lessons Learned

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Woke up before dawn and slowly got out of the tent. It is just so cold. It has to be below freezing. I went to look at the thermometer in my car and it said exactly that. Wow! I drove from my camp all the way up to the look out near the entrance. I wanted to get a time lapse of the sun rise. And it was spectacular. I loved it. After the sun rose I packed up my camera gear and headed back to camp. I stopped at…read more

Breaking Free

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I couldn’t take one more weekend cooped up inside my apartment. I am going insane from the craziness of my life right now. People from the past getting in touch and having to be around people you don’t want to be around. I am tired of it. I decided this morning on the way to work to go camping. I already had the tent. Now I just need a flashlight and a sleeping bag. Looking at different parks I think I will go with Palo Duro Canyon State Park.  Big…read more

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