Road Trip Mentality

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Last weekend, I decided to drive to Oklahoma; specifically Turner Falls. I had no firm plans, I would check it out and camp where ever I felt would be safe and fun. My mind set was very go with the flow. Once I got to Turner Falls it was really late, so I parked my car and got ready for sleeping. I didn’t get a look at the Falls, but I was pretty excited. It would be cold, but I imagined the falls to be pretty epic.  The next morning I woke up to see a faint trickle of a stream coming down. Definitely not worth the trip, and it only took me a second to explore that area. It was such a bummer. What can you do?

I spent some time on Instagram that day trying to find something cool in Oklahoma to do or go see. And I stumbled upon Mt. Scott. I had no idea what it was or where it was, but it looked really cool. I grabbed my breakfast and got on my way. And what a wonderful find it ended up being.  I love doing these little road trips with no plans. If I had set plans in my mind I would have been totally gutted, because Turner Falls turned out to be a dud. Because I had initially freed myself mentally, I was able to explore to my hearts content.

When you set out on a road trip, don’t build castles of expectations inside your head. You will only end up with a broken heart. Nothing will live up to what you crave. Nothing will be as adventurous as what you think it would be… or it might be more than what you want. Go out with an open mind and enjoy yourself. The only thing that has ever surpassed what my mind could comprehend is the Grand Canyon. And how often do you stumble upon something of that magnitude?

Its human nature to compare one thing to another. Every time I go somewhere new I try to compare it to something dull, lifeless, and miserable. I image where else I could be at that moment, and I imagine being at work at my old job. Which was a horrible experience. And then when you are on the top of a mountain you aren’t comparing it to any other mountain you’ve been on. You are comparing it to a something already behind you. And let me tell you, I enjoy every second I’m there so much more than I can even articulate. Every sunset is magical. Every tree is breath taking. The experience transcends all expectations, no matter what.

The best way to enjoy a vacation is to prepare you mind before you go. Forget your tooth brush (you can get one at any gas station), pack an adaptable, flexible, and positive mind set instead.