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As I said in yesterday’s post about my boots, I had to replace/get rid of almost all my old shoes. Limping around everywhere wasn’t a great look. My foot issue was exacerbated by my $120 Birkenstock sandals. A shoe that everyone said would help, only made it worse. The hard sole hit my arch and made the pain unbearable. Then, I came across Allbirds.

I was watching a WIRED profile on the the company. And all the key words they spoke about triggered my interest. Touted as the most comfortable shoes in the world really made my head turn in their direction. I ordered the lace ups and the loafers. The loafers didn’t look the best on me tbh. So I returned them simple as pie. And I kept the lace ups. This was 9 months ago and since then I’ve ordered a second pair. They are brilliant shoes, and perfect for what I need.

I made a review of them on my channel here.