Sleep System!

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When I first started camping I bought a $25 Coleman sleeping bag and I used 2 yoga mats to elevate me off the ground. It wasn’t the most comfortable way to sleep, but it was cheap and it got the job done. Over time, I knew I needed to upgrade my sleep system first. It was paramount to everything else. As you know I go in to my local REI and pick the brains of these geniuses for a while before I make my decision. Here are a few key points that I’ve learned looking into sleep systems.

  1. Women’s sleeping bags are wider in the hips and men’s are wider in the shoulders. I though if I got a man’s bag it would fit me better, but that definitely wasn’t the case.
  2. Down bags are ok getting a little wet, synthetic bags aren’t. You need them in water proof compression bags when your traveling.
  3. If you need more wiggle room in your mummy bags you can buy something from the manufacturer called a ‘wedgie’.
  4. Hang your sleeping bag up when you aren’t using it. Don’t keep it inside a compression sack.
  5. When you aren’t using your mattress pad, keep it inflated. It will be easier to re-inflate next time you need it.

I ended up going with a Big Agnes synthetic bag (the bag I got was on sale! YEY!). Which is toasty down to 15 degrees. I also bought a wedgie from Big Agnes and that was a great decision. I am a side sleeper and this wedgie helps give you more space without losing any warmth. The back of the sleeping bag has a slot and I matched it with an REI self inflating mattress pad. The only thing left for me to get is a comfortable camping pillow. Which I think is actually an oxymoron. I have yet to find a camping pillow that doesn’t feel like its a giant packing peanut wrapped in fleece.