The Adventures of Coco and the Danger Noodle

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Today, my friends and I decided to go on a hike. I was somewhat worried… because it would be Coco’s first hiking expedition. We met up around 4pm at Rockledge Park in Grapevine, Texas. It was a truly glorious day. The wind was high and the sky was bright blue. It was really spectacular. The park borders Grapevine Lake and happens to be 10 min away from where I live. Once my friends got there we started out. The trail has been eroded due to the amount of flooding we have down here in Texas. Its anyone’s guess where a trail ends and one begins. We hiked until we could sit down for a picnic along the cliff. It was beautiful. On the way there we learned a few things about Coco as a hiker. She doesn’t like to be in the lead and she happily follows behind my feet. She likes being the last one in line. She brings up the caboose, making sure there are no stragglers. Most of the food during the picnic she couldn’t eat (onions, garlic, and grapes), but she loved the cheese and bread. Those are her treats. She also loved drinking out of her collapsable water bowl. Her hiking vest made her dressed for success, it came in handy along the hike.


WhatsApp-Image-20160508 (1)

After we finished eating Coco crawled up into the tall grasses and promptly took a little nap.

WhatsApp-Image-20160508 For the last part of the hike I had her off her leash. She did so well. I only put her back on when we ran into other dogs. It was more for the other owners peace of mind. Coco just kind of chills while other dogs are around. She really can’t be bothered. lol.

On the way back we decided to hike along the cliff side. So it was the typical ledge and then drop into the water if you slipped. Half way through the hike back while carrying Coco (it was too sheer for her) I almost put my hand on a Diamond backed water snake (based on what I can remember). Sufficed to say I screamed my bloody head off. Sahara who was right behind me thought I was trying to scare her, then she thought Coco fell into the water. Finally, she saw the snake go past me and she started screaming as well. LOL. Youssef who was above us looked down and saw the snake speed down the cliff towards the water. I would like to say I calmed down almost immediately… but nope that didn’t happen. I kept on screaming and screaming … Youssef had to urge me to let go and keep moving. I honestly only remember the back pattern of the snake… I know it was long and it had to slither right past my foot, but I was blinded by fear at the point. I could barely cope. Poor little Coco was clutched to my chest. She probably was wondering why I was screaming so hard. Once I got past that section of cliff… I had to sit down. My heart was pumping so fast and I was starting to over heat really really badly. The weather was cool and there was a stiff wind, but I was still light headed and not able to focus. I have an irrational fear of snakes. It is so out of proportion that I can’t even look at photos of snakes. It freaks me out. Sahara and I call snakes Danger Noodles and that is exactly what they are. Danger Noodles! Or as my friend Abbie calls them: Nope Ropes. lol
The rest of the hike I was mentally and physically exhausted. I kept having flashes of the snake… which made me shiver all over. I DON’T DO SNAKES. I! DO! NOT! DO! SNAKES!

After we made it back I drank a ton of water from the gallon jug I keep there… which helped me regulate my body temperature and I started feeling better almost immediately. Thank God. Coco drank from her little water dish and we sat on benches watching the sun go down. It was breathtakingly beautiful.


We finished the day eating dessert before dinner. We had gelato then pho and boba tea. It was a really beautiful day. I could have done without the snake tho.