Earth Day Weekend

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This past weekend I attended the Earth Day Event in Dallas. It is the largest Earth Day celebration in the nation. I covers over 1 million square feet. Inside and outside venues. It was insane. I loved it. Growing up we went to many Earth Day celebrations, but nothing like this. It was absolutely massive. This year it became the largest Earth Day initiative in the entire world. If you missed out, sadly you will have to wait another year. It is hard to explain the crowd that was there… think of being at Magic Kingdom over Christmas break. It was that packed. I over heard an attendee say “Its like being at a music concert, but without the bands.” It was especially busy around the Tiny House Exhibit. Which was a main reason I wanted to attend. It was an interesting paradox. The crowd was the heaviest there, yet the people were the most polite.
I got to the event at around 10:20 am and the line for a tour of only one house was around 45 min. It only grew and grew throughout the day.

Since I didn’t want to spend all day in line, I picked out the one house that seemed to fit what I wanted in a Tiny Home. I picked out the aptly named : The Best Little House in Texas. It was amazing to see it in person. Watching videos online doesn’t begin to represent how it feels to be inside a Tiny House. I thought it would feel smaller in person. In fact it feels larger and more tangible. I also found it interesting to learn that they built using SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) instead of stick frame housing. I think a technical post about this subject is in my future.

All in all the day was fabulous. I will post more about this Earth Day Extravaganza… I may even have a video about it…. who knows.