New Sidekick

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Two years ago my Uncle Rob passed away suddenly. He was only in his sixties and he had recently got his life right where he wanted it. An exciting business and a new wife. His death left a grieving widow and so many loose ends. It was a crazy time. Flash forward 2 years later and his wife dies with even more loose ends and a stunned family. She never got over the death of my uncle and it makes me very sad. Some of the loose ends are their animals. They left behind 2 dogs and 1 or 2 cats.  One of the dogs was already offered a home and the older chihuahua ‘Coco’ was still without a home. My mom and I figured that she would probably be given over the the humane society. Which broke my heart. These animals had been through a very tough time. And I don’t know how well they have been taken care of over the last two years. My uncle was obsessed with training and taking care of his pets. While he was alive I knew they were cherished. I told everyone if no one else was going to take Coco I would. She is a super sweet natured dog, and I couldn’t bare the thought of giving her over to the pound. Since no one else stepped up… Coco is now mine.

20160410_123724After the funeral my mom and I went over to the house to sort out some of the loose ends. And it was also a great time to bond with Coco before we left to drive back up to Dallas. We think Coco is at least 10 or 11. Maybe as much as 14. We are not sure. There didn’t seem to be any paperwork that we can find. I am sure the vet will help me determine her age. She is such a cuddly little muffin. And she loves people and animals. She was well trained at one point I am sure. Getting her back into the swing of things shouldn’t take long. She is definitely a people pleaser.  20160410_101229Coco has an elongated snout with a severe over bite. Her jaw doesn’t line up. So she does a lot of her eating with just her tongue and back teeth.  She reminds me of a Simpson’s dog. She is super cute. 20160410_101659

Another thing my mom and I realized is that she startles really easily and if she is not used to her surroundings she moves her head around a lot. Almost like Stevie Wonder. And upon further inspection we can see that she has cataracts covering her eyes. Poor little lamb is loosing her sight.  20160410_101220

She also has a bald patch on her right hind leg. We believe its from the severe stress she has been under in the last two years. I hope to see it grow back. It doesn’t look inflamed or mangy. 20160410_094949

When she walks her hind legs seem really stiff and it isn’t a clean movement. It is probably arthritis. I should like the vet to clear that up this weekend. With her coloring and long stiff legs she looks like a baby deer. Ahhhh all the feels.

Even with all her issues she is still such a cutie. She is very quiet and doesn’t bark. She does let out a little whine/grunt when she wants attention. But its so cute and she rarely does it. FB_IMG_1460336005679

All I know is that I want to give her the best life possible for the amount of time she has left. It is the absolute least I can do. And it is something I think my uncle would have wanted. The only thing I am finding difficult with her care is that she is an extremely picky eater. She looks down her considerably long nose at any and all forms of dog food. lol My cousin who is a vet in England tells me this is normal for chihuahua, this sets my mind at ease. She has a discerning pallet. I can’t blame her I guess. Who would want to eat crappy dog food? After the vet check up this weekend I would like to take her on my adventures. It would be great to have a tiny companion, even if I have to carry her up the cliffs. 😀