The Best Hiking Socks

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My Uncle Mark owns a shop called Mark’s Outfitters in Hugesville, Pa. And over the years I have gotten some pretty amazing things. Any time I needed anything outdoorsy over the year I have picked it up here. My love of Birkenstocks, Red Wing, and Charhartt run in the blood apparently. And my Uncle Mark was the one that introduced me to SmartWool socks. I have been on the wool sock band wagon for years now because of them. I have had some pairs last through years and years of hard use. Sadly, I have noticed a few of them wearing out along my heel. *extreme sad face* The socks typically run between $13-30 for one pair. I know that sounds extreme. It isn’t. They are absolutely brilliant. I have pairs over 6 years old. Because Uncle Mark’s store is so very far away… and he doesn’t have a website… *COUGH* *COUGH* (but you can order over the phone(570) 584-2616) Instead, I headed over to my local REI. I asked the sales person to point me in the direction of their SmartWool socks and we headed over. We started chatting away about the benefits of wool socks yada yada yada*. And I told her how mine are wearing out in the heels after about 3 years. She showed me that there was another brand called DARN TOUGH that had a LIFETIME Guarantee. The Hike/Trek pair retails for $20. I have worn them for 3 long hikes and they feel the same as my SmartWools. I really love the fact that they have a Lifetime Guarantee vs. SmartWool’s 2 years. My feet are very happy. 20160407_115056.jpg
**** The benefits of wool socks (especially merino wool) are that they hold up really well to extreme use. The material keeps your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They are breathable and dry quickly. They are also naturally antimicrobial so it repels odor and bacteria. They are the perfect socks. And depending on where you buy them… countless styles are available.

Also, if you are in the Hugesville area check out Mark’s Outfitters. Its worth the trip!  1975048_638969786140652_23317879_n