Tiny House Idea

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Most of my day dreaming time has been taken up by my new project… Building a Tiny House! The whole thought came about during one of my camping trips after I got the paperwork to renew my lease. I am so tired of throwing money away in rent. It just drives me up a wall. This all coincided with my new outlook on life. A few months back someone asked me what I would do if the end of the world was near (answer couldn’t be about faith or family). My knee jerk response was to burn everything I own.
My answer came so far out in left field that I was actually surprised. I started to reflect upon my answer. Why did I feel this way? I hated feeling immobile. If I had to move anywhere outside of Texas it would cost me over a thousand dollars. Which seems so stupid. And because I don’t like living in one area for too long a period of time… moving happens frequently. I also hate the pointlessness of paying for something I will never own. Which is what renting is.

I also want to build my own house at some point in my life. Since I have student loans on top of student loans, this may never happen in the traditional sense. And so the Tiny House thought started to germinate within my mind. I am starting to do research on restrictions, plans, costs, and locations to build. I am super excited about it and hopefully I will share my process with you.