Hiking Closed Trails

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I woke up around 8:30 am. It was nice having Sahara and Youssef there to pal around with. I took as shower while Youssef built up the fire for breakfast. I fried eggs in my cool little camping cup. We ate egg sandwiches for breakfast and it was absolutely lovely. Around 10:30 we packed up our gear and headed off to find a good hiking trail. Since there has been so much rain in the past few weeks, many of the trails are closed. We headed from our camp site in Coyote Crossing to the Duck Pond Trail. The hike to the scenic overlook was really steep and many of the off shoots were closed to us. The view was pretty amazing though. And at the top we found the Geocaching location at the top of the hill. That was pretty fun. The way down was super easy because it was 99% downhill. It was an out and back trail that totaled 1.66 miles. It blended from Duck Pond Trail to Plum Valley Trail. We passed a few primitive camping sites. I am keen to try that next time. I need to get my gear down to a backpack though. #GOALS
At this point Sahara has a caffeine headache. We jump into the car and find the closest coffee shop which turned into a DD. Those are super rare in Texas. Back inside the park we find closed trail after closed trail. It is really rather disappointing. We finally trek on the Talala Trail and half of that is closed. There are more primitive sites here and I think that would be a cool place to try as well. We didn’t want to risk hiking closed trails because there are rattlesnakes in this area… and no one wants to trip over one of them. We hiked a total of 1.2 miles and had a wonderful conversation with a park ranger. There seems to be various volunteer positions here in the parks. Food for thought. We hung out at the lake for a while after to relax and chill. It was now 4 pm and it felt like it was time to head home. Another educational trip into nature.