Ultimate Veggie Grill

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The next morning I woke up to music blaring and kids dragging their electric cars in the road. I went to bed in a forest and woke up in a city. The site I picked was in a congestion of different sites… and it being Easter Weekend… the entire city of Dallas showed up. Oh Joy. After making breakfast and sitting around trying to relax I got up and left my camp site. As I left, I called the front office to report the site that was blaring music from their truck with apparently no one around to listen to it. I later learned that a few campsites were related and the people from one site were hanging out at the other… and instead of putting on low music at the new location they decided to turn it up at their other site so they could hear it 50 yards away. And it wasn’t streaming content… it was a radio program with copious commercial breaks. Needless to say I relocated down by the lake at a picnic table.

20160325_175450 I sat and read for a few hours until Sahara and Youssef came. I helped them set up their tent and we decided to go to the grocery store and buy some things to grill.
We got asparagus, corn, eggs, and hot dogs (vegan ones for me). It was a brilliant cookout. The corn was perfect and oh my the asparagus was delicious. My vegan hot dogs tasted really good even if they were a little dry. All in all it was a great dinner.