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This morning my friends Sahara and Youssef are set to join me. I am super excited. They are bringing breakfast! For the last 5-6 months I have been vegetarian*. The reason I put an asterix next to the words is because I don’t buy meat, but if someone offers I will eat it. This is a long story and one I will save for another post… but just know that I had steak for the first time in months and it was GLORIOUS. Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 1.42.22 PM

They brought steak, eggs, and potatoes. And they also brought the sun. It was a picture perfect day.  After so much rain and mud it was beyond welcome. We used my new cast iron fry pan and roasted potatoes in the coals. Loved it. After the breakfast we decided to go on a hike. The woman in the front office said to hike at your own risk and so we took the risk and went. It was surprise surprise… MUDDY. Sahara and Youssef had waterproof boots on and mine were just ventilated. Air goes in… so does water. I was so elated to be around my friends and just having finished a hearty breakfast that I shouted YOLO and stepped into the mud. 

The hike was a balloon and we walked a total of 5 miles probably. In the end my hiking shoes weighed roughly 5 lbs and I was the proud owner of a whopping blister. I pulled a muscle in my groin from hoisting my feet with the bricks attached and decided to walk the last mile in my socks. This was a moment I was thankful for mud. It cushioned my steps. My friends feet were as dry as can be. Time for new boots. These were my Columbia’s last trip out.