What It Means To Camp Alone

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Woke up before dawn and didn’t see any change in the weather. This is a bummer because the lake is beautiful, but I didn’t want to get my gear wet. Like a ground hog I poked my head out and went back inside to sleep for a little longer. Woke up for good at around 8:45 am and headed to the front office to pay for my site. Left the guard house and did some time lapse of the lake and I even waded through the water. I got super wet and cold. I made my way back to camp and so many people showed up since I left… I thought it was a good idea to relocate my tent a little off the beaten path. This turned out to be a good idea because my tent was right near the water hook up for a few campsites. That would have been horrible. I sat outside writing in my journal and eating lunch. I became a popsicle. I needed to get inside and get warm. I was frozen.

After a long time I finally warmed up and since the tent smelled… I figured I smelled too! Time for a shower. I got my bath stuff and went to take a shower. Can I just say how much I love my L’Occitane products. I felt like a million dollars after my shower and I smelled expensive too. Yippy. I went back to a few of the public areas and took some time lapses. Everything looked so desolate. The sun started going down and I headed back to camp to walk around. I got MUDDY. I eventually made my way into my tent. I took off my muddy socks, pants and shoes. I wiped down my legs and feet with the miracle that is baby wipes. I then put on my wooliest socks. Toasty! I also brought a fuzzy blanket from my car. I felt like I needed the added warmth.

Lying alone at night for hours is a good time to reflect upon your life. For the last few months I have felt discontent with my life. My apartment is very grand and I have a lot of cool things… but honestly neither bring me joy. I came to the decision to simplify my life. I have been thinking of reducing my wardrobe to a uniform of sorts. And I want to get rid of all the junk cluttering my life. I want to feel if I had to move I could do it quick and relatively easily. Fast and light on my toes… and with all this stuff I own it feels like an albatross around my neck.