Mud Gets Everywhere

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Packed last night, I brought everything I needed to the car. I also reserved my site at Cooper Lake State Park. Each night costs $10. I reserved two nights. With the park fee the total was $30. I started on my way and drove for a little to the lake side to get a time lapse. I also stopped at the Home Depot to pick up a few things. I got some paracord and 2 tarps just in case. It was going to be a very wet weekend. It was steadily raining for the last few days. Its going to be muddy weekend. Finally got to the park at around 8pm. No one was in the office and it was dark outside. I called the office and the lady told me to go to any campsite and pick one out and then go to the office in the morning to sort it all out. I drove back to the primitive site and walked around for around 45 min trying to find a site. Finally, I picked a good place I didn’t know how much it might flood at night. And I didn’t want to be too deep in the mud… which is EVERYWHERE. I huffed all my gear to the site and decided I pack too much. I needed at least three trips. :/ I laid out a tarp and set up my tent on top of it to limit the amount of cleanup I will have to do later. Setting up my camp in the dark isn’t the best of ideas… so I picked a spot that seemed really close to the path. As the wind picked up I could hear the waves crash against the shore. What a way to fall asleep.