Lessons Learned

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Woke up before dawn and slowly got out of the tent. It is just so cold. It has to be below freezing. I went to look at the thermometer in my car and it said exactly that. Wow! I drove from my camp all the way up to the look out near the entrance. I wanted to get a time lapse of the sun rise. And it was spectacular. I loved it. After the sun rose I packed up my camera gear and headed back to camp. I stopped at the bathroom. This state park gets an A++ for the state of their bathrooms. It takes a while to drive all the way out to my campsite… almost 15 min. And that is going around 45 mph. Huge place. This park is really spread out. Once back in the camp I went and laid down for a while. I dozed for 2 hours, woke up and broke down my site.

By 10 am I was in the shower getting clean. I tied my bandana around my hair and put my baseball cap on. I looked less conspicuous which is good. I draped a scarf over that and I was all covered. Note to self I need to design a hoodie scarf to either tuck into or sew onto t-shirts.

When got back into my car after the shower… I was trying to figure out where to go to next. A camper came over and chatted me up. Funny enough he was from Lancaster Pa. After our convo I decided it was time for lunch. I headed to the trading post and got a fabulous grilled cheese sandwich. It was pure evil it was so good. Yummy. I decided on the CCC trail. I parked my car at the lookout and walked out on the trail. I needed to leave the park by 3. I noted the time and headed out. Sadly, I seem to choose the wrong path each and every time. The paths look well worn but they end up leading to spotty locations. I ended up getting on the right trail finally and wound my way down into the canyon. But had to stop half way because nature called. I made it back to my car pretty quickly because I took the right path the entire time. I still had about an hour and a half and figured I had time to explore another trial. I drove down to the Pioneer Nature Trail. Which was a nice little trail that lead to the stream. I took a few selfies and got back into my car. Ready to head back to Dallas.

Goodbye Palo Duro… its been fun.

Lessons Learned:
Need to figure out my hijab/scarf better. I need to look more normal… less homeless.
Tent/sleeping bag worked well.
Need a cooler.
Always have baby wipes.
Need to organize my camera gear.
Find a camping uniform.
Don’t bring tennis shoes.
Bring Birkenstock for around camp.
Gallon of water worked well for 2 days.
Trash bags needed.
Need to develop a checklist.