Breaking Free

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I couldn’t take one more weekend cooped up inside my apartment. I am going insane from the craziness of my life right now. People from the past getting in touch and having to be around people you don’t want to be around. I am tired of it. I decided this morning on the way to work to go camping. I already had the tent. Now I just need a flashlight and a sleeping bag. Looking at different parks I think I will go with Palo Duro Canyon State Park.  Big Bend seems too far away for just and over night. Palo Duro is 5 hours away roughly and I like the brutal quality to the look of the place. Time to dive head first. I booked my night online and decided to head out after dawn tomorrow morning. Amazon Prime Now has Coleman Sleeping bags for $25. I got two to zip together. I also got a small flashlight and a fan. I got it so it will be delivered around the time I get home from work. Before that I will have to clean my car out. EEKKK.